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Imaging Services
The Small Animal and Materials Imaging Core Facility  provides capabilities for both structural and functional imaging to Manitoba scientists.   Currently SAMICF provides services using  an  IVIS Spectrum fluorescence and bioluminscenceoptical imaging system,   a Skyscan 1176 microCT (computed tomography); Siemens P4 microPET (positron emission tomography) and a Visualsonics Vevo 2100 high resolution ultrasound imaging system, all loocated within Central Animal Care Services in the Basic Medical Scineces Building. . In the very near future (summer) SAMICF expects to install a dedicated cryogen free PET-M<RI system. MRI facilities are currebntly provided  through access to a Bruker 7T magnetic resonance imaging system located in the Chown building. A PET insert developed by Dr Andrew Goertzen is available to allow siuluataneous PET-MRI studies on this MRI system.

The facility is also able to accommodate and integrate additional imaging equipment that is acquired going forward. Management of the Imaging Facility, including instrument operation, training, research consultation, and knowledge dissemination (e.g. web site, animal care “wet labs”, and workshops/courses on animal imaging) are provided by the  Imaging Facility Coordinator, Dr Mike Jackson.