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Embryos collected directly from a timed-pregnant female mouse, from a frozen stock, or derived from in vitro fertilization are transferred into pseudo-pregnant CD1 female mice.

• To obtain a mouse model that is provided as frozen embryos or sperm.

• To re-derive a mouse line from a contaminated to a clean environment.

Facility Commitment
10-15 embryos, or whatever is provided to the Facility as frozen embryos, will be transferred to two pseudo-pregnant female mice. If spem is provided to the facility, oocytes will be collected from a superovulated female for in vitro fertilization. The mice will be monitored until delivery, and samples from the offspring will be provided at weaning to the investigator for genotyping. Pups harbouring the gene of interest will be transferred to the investigator’s protocol. The Facility cannot guarantee the success of in vitro fertilizations or embryos transfers, particularly when they are provided by external sources.

The Investigator Must Supply
• Female mice to be mated for the collection of embryos
• Confirmation of the availability of an assay to genotype the offspring
• An animal protocol to accept the offspring.

$300.00 per attempt for embryo transfer (includes $50.00 for embryo collection)

$600.00 per attempt for in vitro fertilization followed by embryo transfer.

• Embryo transfer (Fee-$250.00/attempt) 
• Genotyping of offspring (Fee- $10.00/sample/assay)

Enquiries and requests for services should be made though our on-line Requisiton of Services