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Ovary Freezing
Ovaries are collected from female mice (4 to 8 wks of age) and cryopreserved to provide a long term source of the mouse line, or directly transferred to a histocompatible female mouse.

•    To permanently store mouse lines.
•    To “rescue” transgenic lines that are difficult to propagate.

Facility Commitment:
Female donor mice will be sacrificed and the ovaries will be collected, cut in half, and  frozen in a cryovial, or transferred to a histocompatible female. The frozen ovaries may be transferred to the investigator for storage or stored in the Facility (in two different storage places). The cost of storage is currently $150 per year for up to 6 lines. If the ovary is transferred to a histocompatible female, after recovery the female will be transferred to the investigator for testing the viability of the transferred ovary. The animal protocol for the mice and procedure, as well as testing of the ovary viability,  is covered by the Central Animal Care breeding protocol until successful transmission of the genetic alteration of interest is demonstrated. At that time, the investigator will need to obtain an approved animal protocol.

The Investigator Must Supply:
•    Female mice from which to generate the ovaries.
•    Female mice for implanting the ovaries (histocompatible female mice).

Fee: $ 250.00 per ovary transfer or $150.00 per ovary cryopreservation 

•    Storage in liquid nitrogen (Fee-$150/yr for up to 6 lines)
Enquiries and requests for services should be made though our on-line Requisiton of Services