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Standard Operating Procedures
The following general SOPs available for equipment in SAMICF and are available for University of Manitoba staff through My Research Tools on Jump. Alternatively, University staff may contact Dr for copies.

Optical Imaging

SOP IM002 Induction and Maintenance of Anaesthesia for Optical Imaging

CT Imaging

SOP IM001 Induction and Maintenance of Anaesthesia for CT imaging
SOP IM005 Basic operation of the SkyScan 1176 microCT Imaging System

PET Imaging 

SOP IM003 Induction and Maintenance of Anesthesia for PET Imaging
SOP IM004 Receiving and Administering Radioisotopes

Transferring Animals from SAMICF to Chown MRI following Injection with Radioisotopes
SOP PET001 Setting up an Invstigator Configuration In MicroPET Manager
SOP PET007 Basic Operation of the Concorde P4 MicroPET Imaging System

Surgical/animal care SOPS

EP4-1 Subcutaneous injection in the mouse
EP4- 3 Intraperitoneal Injection in Mice

EP4-4 Intraperitoneal Injection in Rats 
EP4 -7 Mouse Tail Vein Injections
EP4 -8 Rat Tail Vein Injections