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FHS Core Platforms
Building on the capital investments from CFI, Province of Manitoba and the University of Manitoba, the following core facilities, through joint operating funding from the University of Manitoba - Office of the Vice-President (Research & International)MHRC and the Faculty Health Sciences, are being launched to support the biomedical research community in Manitoba.

CORE FACILITIES (for descriptions of each core see here)

Central Animal Imaging and Transgenic Core Facility (incorportaing the Genetic Models Center and the Small Animal and Materials Imaging Core Facility).

Location:  4th floor Brodie Centre (GMC) and Central Animal Care Services (SAMICF) 
Barbara Triggs-Raine (CAITC/GMC), Mike Jackson (SAMICF)

Next Generation Sequencing Core Platform
Location:  Manitoba Institute for Children’s Health (MICH), 523 John Buhler Research Centre
James R. Davie

Lentiviral Vector Viral Particles Production Core Platform
Location: 4th Floor Apotex Centre
Sam Kung, Jiuyong Xie

Core Platform for Molecular Imaging
Location: Genomic Center for Cancer Research and Diagnosis (GCCRD), MICB, Room ON6026
Sabine Mai

Core Platform for Histology, Histomorphology, and Ultrastructural Imaging (SIM, EM)

Location: Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science, Faculty of Medicine
Thomas Klonisch

Flow Cytometry Core Platform
Location: 4th floor Apotex Centre and 5th floor BMSB
Aaron Marshall, Keith Fowke

Core Platform in Mass Spectroscopy Analysis of Proteins and Metabolites
Location:  Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology, 799 John Buhler Research
John Wilkins

Immunophenotyping Core Platform: Large scale RNA and protein analysis for immunological biomarkers in health and disease

Location: 4th floor, Apotex Centre
Kent HayGlass