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About The Central Animal Imaging and Transgenic Core Facilities
The Central Animal Core Imaging and Transgenic Facilities (CACITF) was recently established by combining two existing Central Animal Care Services facilities,  the Rodent Transgenic Service (RTS) and the Small Animal and Materials Imaging Core Faclity (SAMICF). Integration of these two facilities provides researchers with a single point of access to facilities for developing new genetic models of disease states and applying advanced imaging techniques to these (and other) disease states.

              CACITF ORG

CACITF is part of Central Animal Care Services, with facilities located in Basic Medical Sciences Building (SAMICF) and the John Buhler Research Centre (RTS). Day to day operations in SAMICF are overseen by the Program Coordinator, Dr Mike Jackson. Strategic guidance on issues such as fee schedules, new instrumentation etc.  is provided by an Oversight Committee.