CaRMs Application FAQ

Application and Ranking

Q: If my documents are coming straight from the authorizing institution (ie. medical school, Medical Council of Canada, etc.) do they still require notarization/certification?

A: If the documents are received directly from the institution by CaRMS, they do not require notarization / certification.

Q: If I write the MCCEE in November, will my application still be reviewed?

A: We are aware that some individuals write the MCCEE in November. We set these applications aside and consider them once we have received the MCCEE results in December.

Couples Matching

Q: I am ranking programs with my partner in a couples match? How do I make sure that my partner and I are ranked to the same streams/sites?

A: CaRMS does not identify couples to programs. Decisions in our file review and interview selection process are made independent of any information we receive from you regarding a couples match. Please refer to the CaRMS website for more information as to ranking as a couple.

Personal Letter

Q: How strict is the 500 word limit for the personal letter?

A: The 500 words does not include your name or your email address. We look for concisely written letters and expect your personal letter to be as close to 500 words as possible.

Q: To whom should I address my personal letter?

A: You do not need to address your personal letter to anyone in particular. However, if you would like to, you can address it to the University of Manitoba Family Medicine Resident Selection Committee.

Interest in Specific Stream(s)

Q: How do I express my interest in a specific stream? Will that compromise my applications to the other streams?

A: Your interest in a specific stream can be conveyed in your personal letter. You can also express this interest during the time of your interview. We understand that your interest may be greater in one stream than another. This will not compromise your application(s) to other streams.


Q: Will I be notified if I didn't get an interview?

A: A great deal of effort goes into reviewing each of the thousands of applications we receive. A standardized and fair process is used in reviewing all applications. Due to the large volume of applications, we are unable to provide specific feedback for those not selected for an interview.

Q: If I am not selected for an interview, will I still get ranked in the program?

A: We only rank applicants who have attended an interview with our program.

Q: If I am offered an interview, do I attend an interview for each stream that I have applied to?

A: We offer one interview regardless of the number of streams to which you have applied.

Q: Am I able to request a specific interview date/time?

A: Once offered an interview, you will be requested to complete a form indicating your preferences for our two set days for interviewing. We try our best to accommodate your preferences but are unable to make any guarantees.

Q: Can I request a videoconference interview?

A: We only offer videoconference interviews to applicants who are out-of-country and for whom travel arrangements are difficult to make.

Q: Will my interviewers have reviewed my file before the interview?

A: The file review and interview processes are separate. Interviewers have often reviewed files other than those of their interviewees. For this reason, we encourage applicants to highlight portions of their application during the interview that they find to be of importance.

Return of Service

Q: Will I be required to sign a Return of Service agreement if I match to Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba?

A: All International Medical Graduates, as well as Canadian Medical Graduates who match to our Northern Remote stream, are required to sign a Return of Service agreement upon matching with our programs.

Site Visits

Q: Can I arrange a visit to one or more of your sites?

A: Site tours will not be conducted as part of our interview process. Our sites are dispersed in multiple locations across the province. As our faculty from all sites are present during the interview days, applicants are provided with the opportunity to ask questions about specific sites at the time of their interview.  As well, an Information Evening has been scheduled for Monday, January 29th, and will provide applicants with information about each site. Each stream will conduct a mini presentation, with time allotted for questions, and faculty and residents from each of our sites will be available throughout the evening.

Post Match

Q: If I match to your program, am I required to have completed the MCCQE1 prior to starting residency on July 1st?

A: The QE1 is not required prior to residency. Most residents write the QE1 in their first residency year.

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