Bilingual (French/English) Stream
The ability to practice in both official languages is essential in a number of rural Manitoba communities. To meet this need, the University of Manitoba offers the only English/French bilingual Family Medicine program in Western Canada.

Because our francophone population is spread across Manitoba, we can offer residents the opportunity to experience practice in both rural and urban communities.

Four to six months of Family Medicine time are spent at Centre de Santé St-Boniface, a francophone clinic in the neighborhood of St. Boniface. This Centre focuses on primary health care and has the advantage of a multidisciplinary team: family physicians, nurses, nurse-practitioners, dietitians, mental health counselors, a part-time psychiatrist, a clinical pharmacist, an occupational therapist and a certified athletic therapist / kinesiologist.

Residents provide continuous comprehensive care in the outpatient setting at Centre de santé, in the patient’s home and provide inpatient care at Hôpital St-Boniface Hospital, the designated bilingual hospital in Winnipeg.

While on family medicine time, residents participate in intra-partum FM-obstetrics through on-call coverage of the Artemis group.

Centre de santé also serves as the home clinic for resident’s continuity clinics (CC) throughout the two-year residency program.  Continuity clinics provide an opportunity for residents to follow a panel of patients and provide continuous comprehensive care to patients and their families.

Facilities Overview

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St. Boniface, Winnipeg

Ste. Anne

Notre Dame de Lourdes

About the Bilingual Sites

Demographics (according to the 2006 Canadian census):

  • Notre Dame de Lourdes: 589  
  • Ste. Anne: 4,509 
  • Winnipeg (2016 census): 778,489 in the Winnipeg Census Metropolitan Area

Distance from Winnipeg:

  • Ste. Anne: 50 km
  • Notre Dame de Lourdes: 130 km


City / Town Official Sites:

Notre Dame de Lourdes

Ste. Anne

St. Boniface, Winnipeg


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