Longitudinal Assessment
Reflection and self-assessment are critical skills for lifelong learning-which in turn is critical for continued success in practice. To assist in the development of the critical skills of reflection and self-assessment, progress review meetings are completed at 6-month intervals over the two-year family medicine residency.

As part of the 6-month progress review, residents will reflect on their achievements and identify areas for further development. The primary preceptor meeting with the resident will monitor progress in achieving educational program requirements, assess the level of performance of Family Medicine Competencies and update the resident’s education plan. The necessary forms are available here.

Following the meeting, the primary preceptor will report on progress at the Site Resident Progress Committee (SRPC) meeting.

All Site Resident Progress Committees (SRPC) report centrally to Post-graduate Education Committee (PEC) Resident Progress Sub-Committee. In addition to ensuring that residents across all streams are progressing, the PEC Resident Progress Sub-committee ensures development and provides oversight of resident remediation plans.