Department Positions

Department Head

Dr. Alecs Chochinov

Ph: 204 977-5665

Business Manager Michelle Oshanyk Ph: 204 272-3067
Executive Asst. to Head Darlene Scibak Ph: 204 977-5665
Office Assistant/Receptionist Phyllis Ritchie Ph: 204 272-3067
Financial Assistant Kaitlyn Bonhomme Ph: 204 789-3494


FRCPC-EM Program
Director Dr. Wes Palatnick
Assistant Director Dr. Cheryl ffrench
Program Assistant

Ann Marie Aldighieri
Phone:  204 977-5664
Fax:  204 789-3515

Chief Resident Email
CCFP-EM Program
Director Dr. Al Buchel
Program Assistant

Ann Marie Aldighieri 
Phone: 204 977-5664
Fax: 204 789-3515

Undergraduate Program
Director Teresa Wawrykow
Program Assistant

Joanna Crowther
Phone: 204 977-5667
Fax: 204 789-3515

Research Program
Director Dr. Erin Weldon                                            
Resident Project Assistant Trevor Strome
Program Assistant Vanessa Perinot
Phone:204 318-5295
Fax: 204 789-3515
Continuing Education & Professional Development Program
Director, CEPD Dr. Rebecca Schindle   
Assistant Director, Website Dr. Greg Van de Mosselaer
Director, Section of Simulation Dr. Cheryl ffrench
Program Assistant

Trisha Bedard
Phone: 204 789-3626
Fax: 204 789-3515

Director, Section of Ultrasound & DEM Dr. Chau Pham
Coordinator, HPP Dr. Dave Kirschner
Coordinator, Section of Ultrasound Dr. Dave Kirschner
Program Assistant

Jan Middleton
Phone: 204 272-3066
Fax: 204 789-3515