Student Testimonials
“As a “mature” student going to school full-time wasn’t an option to me without the funding I received through the program. Part of the MSc experience is to network and to “be” and learn with others. This funding allowed me to experience and to be part of the “health research community.” As a healthcare provider myself, I work with like-minded individuals. As such, we do and think, for the most part, the same. Through the funding of the program I have met people who will forever change my attitude, approach and opinion on health and health research. That experience, although intangible, is and forever will be invaluable to me.”— Deanna Mackay, 2013-2014

“I am a full time Master’s student in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. Over the last year, I had the privilege of being a part of the WRTC program. The WRTC program provided me with valuable skills in health services research and numerous opportunities to engage with local policymakers and government stakeholders. My WRTC field placement experience enabled me to understand better the relation between research and policy decisions and allowed me to capitalize on key networking experiences that are a part of WRTC placements.  Overall, the WRTC has provided me with the opportunity to interact and work with other researchers and decision-makers in various areas of health services research and has enabled me to integrate my academic learnings into the health care policy environment. The opportunity to be a part of the WRTC program was invaluable and the knowledge I have gained as a result of this program has been instrumental in developing my skills as a health services researcher. I would highly recommend the WRTC program to students interested in health services research and will be forever grateful that I was selected for this exceptionally valuable opportunity!”— Shauna Zinnick, 2012-2013

“I am a full time Master’s student in the graduate program in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Manitoba. Over the last year, I have gained tremendous knowledge in the area of health policy research. Through opportunities made possible from the WRTC, I have been extremely fortunate to be involved in activities that have been instrumental in developing my skills as a researcher, especially within the area of healthcare policy research. The WRTC program has provided valuable opportunities to meet and converse with high level government policy makers across Western Canada and to network with expert researchers across Canada in the field of health services policy research. Additionally, the program has facilitated future collaborative relationships among students and other researchers. My experience with the WRTC has been exceptionally beneficial to my graduate student experience and has far exceeded my expectations of the program. The support, assistance and guidance given to the students in this program by the WRTC management team and staff have been outstanding!  I am extremely fortunate to have been selected as an affiliate student and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity!”— Lisa Merrill, 2008-2010