Contributing MTP Stakeholders
The Manitoba Training Program for Health Services Research wishes to thank the following people for contributing their time as guest speakers, co-presenters, and placement supervisors and mentors during the 2016-2017 year.

Ben Adaman
, Senior Manager, Clinical Services, St Amant

Richard Baydack, Director, Communicable Disease Control, MHSAL

Trish Bergal, Regional Director of Utilization, WRHA

Ingrid Botting, Director, Health Services Integration, WRHA

Susan Chipperfield, Director of Mental Health, WRHA

Dr Alecs Chochinov, Head Emergency Medicine, Medical Director, WRHA Emergency Program

Real Cloutier, Chief Operating Officer, Deer Lodge Centre, Vice President, Long Term Care, WRHA

Brie DeMone, Executive Director, Acute, Tertiary, and Specialty Programs, MHSAL

Daryl Dyck, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Deer Lodge Centre

Lori Fontaine, Foreign Qualification Recognition/Policy Analyst, HSAL

Dr. Tim Hilderman, Medical Lead, Communicable Disease Control and Medical Director, Manitoba Immunization Program

Phaeda Miller, Consultant, Healthy Living and Healthy Populations, MHSAL

Scott Murray, Executive Director of Management Services, Administration and Finance Division, MHSAL

Kelly Navitka, Policy Analyst, Communicable Disease Control, MHSAL

Dr Mylena Pinto Lima, Behaviour Specialist, Marymound

Amelia Ramsden, Senior Policy Analyst, Acute, Tertiary, and Specialty Care, MHSAL

Linda Smyrski, Senior Nursing Policy Analyst, HSAL

Marcia Thomson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Mental Health and Addictions, MHSAL

Jennifer White, Director of Strategic Policy, Intergovernmental Strategiv Affairs, MHSAL

Joy Tetlock, Vice President, Planning & Primary Care, Burntwood Regional Health Authority

Vicki Toews, Director, Healthy Living and Healthy Populations, HSAL

Monika Wetzel, Policy Analyst/Consultant, Primary Health Care, MHSAL