MTP Fellowship Award Information
The Manitoba Training Program for Health Services Research (MTP) is funded by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living and provides student with annual fellowship stipends, in addition to the applied training they receive through seminar instruction, professional development activities, and field placements.

Manitoba Training Program (MTP) students receive $17,850 per year at the Masters level and $22,500 at the Doctoral level, paid on university payroll in bi-weekly installments. Benefits are not provided.

Eligibility Criteria: 

The one year applied training program and fellowship is offered to thesis-based Masters and PhD students engaged in health services research. Preference will be given to students in their first or second year of training, although all students are welcome to apply.

MTP students receiving other awards will have their MTP stipends adjusted accordingly, and will be given an incentive top-up. Because of the guidelines from other funding agencies, the value of the MTP top-up depends on the additional funding agency and whether the student is enrolled in a Masters or PhD program.

Maximum Amount that students can receive (all funding sources combined, including MTP):

a)    Masters - $26,775
b)    PhD - $35,000

For more details on the incentive top-up funding offered by MTP to students holding other awards, please review the Student Guidelines.