Admission Information
Although administered through Community Health Sciences, the Manitoba Training Program for Health Services Research (MTP) welcomes applicants from health and non-health backgrounds and from a wide range of units and disciplines, providing that they are interested in health services research.

Eligible students must be accepted and enrolled in a thesis-based Masters or PhD graduate program at the University of Manitoba.

The Manitoba Training Program (MTP) wants to recruit high quality graduate students with a genuine interest in health care policy and reform. As part of the application process, students will be asked about:
  • Graduate research topic and interests
  • How their research interests relate to the definition of “health services research"
  • What is the potential of thier research to guide health care reform
  • Interest in the program and what they expect or hope to gain from the program
  • Career aspirations in health services research, what has been done to prepare and how the program will advance their goals
  • List of any other funding agencies or awards to which they have applied.

Selection Process and Criteria:

  • This program gives preference to students who are conducting health services research that engages with and is directly applicable to the local health care environment in Manitoba, Canada.
  • Students must be accepted and enrolled in a thesis-based Masters or PhD graduate program at the University of Manitoba. Preference will be given to those in their first or second year of training.
  • Students can only take the MTP program ONCE, and cannot reapply.
  • Students are required to complete an MTP application form, submit current copies of all post-secondary academic transcripts (unofficial/web transcripts can be used), their curriculum vitae, and provide reference contacts as the Program will send them Reference Forms to complete (one of the names must be current academic advisor).
  • The deadline for applications is CLOSED.
  • An adjudication committee will review all applications; select students may be interviewed as part of the adjudication process. Final decisions will be made in April.

Application Requirements:

  • CV/Resume
  • 2 Reference Contacts - one of the names must be current academic advisor (Program will send the contacts Reference Forms to complete)
  • Copies of current transcripts for all post-secondary institutions (unofficial/web transcripts can be used)

Please submit the application form and all required supporting documents to the Manitoba Training Program Coordinator, Naatasha Mohammad, at: or by mail to:

Manitoba Training Program
Community Health Sciences
University of Manitoba
S113-750 Bannatyne Avenue
Medical Services Building
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3E 0W3

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NOTE: 2018-19 Applications are CLOSED.