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Placement Information for Students
The field placement experience fosters the relationship between learning, research and decision-making, provides a linkage between students and decision-makers and stakeholders, and integrates coursework with supervised fieldwork undertaken in local and provision health-care settings.

The Manitoba Training Program organizes field placements that provide students with the opportunity to apply their research knowledge and skills in a supervised setting and connects the students with health-care decision-makers.

Placement Benefits:
  • The work that MTP students engage in during their placements directly support senior policy analysts and other decision-makers and can influence local health care policy and even beyond.
  • The Manitoba Training Program placement provides students with an opportunity to try career as policy analyst and see what is involved in creating policy change.
  • Students are able to contribute directly to health care reform by attending meetings, providing regular input and also by seeing how information is communicated and the challenges therein.
  • The Manitoba Training Program also fosters relationships for students with local decision-makers, with whom the student can collaborate for future research or for other professional opportunities.

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