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Deborah McPhail is an Assistant Professor in Community Health Sciences, nil-appointed in Environment & Geography, and adjunct in Disability Studies. A critical health scholar who studies the social aspects of “obesity,” Dr. McPhail's interdisciplinary work has been published in such journals as Health and Place and Social Science & Medicine. Dr. McPhail obtained a PhD in Women’s Studies from York University in 2010. Her doctoral dissertation, a feminist history of obesity discourse in twentieth-century Canada, is In Press with the University of Toronto Press. Dr. McPhail's current work focuses on the interplay among obesity discourse, social inequalities and cis women’s, trans-men’s, and trans-masculine people’s reproductive health, with particular emphases on issues of health equity and healthcare access. Other areas of interest include: food justice and food politics; critical theories of health and the body; feminist and qualitative research methods; gender studies; anti-racist and postcolonial studies; theories of class distinction and structural oppression; globalization and health inequity; intersectional experiences of health and illness.

Deborah McPhail,
PhD (York), MA (Toronto), BA (Manitoba)

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