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Ms. Tamara Taillieu - Biography

Tamara Taillieu is a PhD Candidate in the Applied Health Sciences Doctoral Program, a graduate student member of the Manitoba Population Health Research Group, and an Instructor I at the University of Manitoba.  Ms. Taillieu’s teaching responsibilities have included classes on family violence, children living in adversity, violence prevention, and human development.  Her research interests include the effects of child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, and other traumatic events on physical and mental health across the lifespan.  She is also currently working on a number of projects examining the influence of various types of trauma on military personnel and first responder mental health and well-being.  Ms. Taillieu has been involved in all aspects of the research process including coding and statistical analyses using several large, epidemiological datasets; drafting and editing manuscripts for publication; and involvement in the design and implementation of the WE Study (primary data collection).

Tamara L. Taillieu, Ph.D. Candidate
Instructor I

ph: (204) 471-8765
fax:(204) 269-1855
Email: tamara.taillieu@umanitoba.ca