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Biography - Dr. Michael Pickles

Mike Pickles is a mathematical modeller and assistant professor in the Centre for Global Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences. He holds a Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Modelling and Global Public Health. He received his PhD in theoretical physics from Cambridge University, after which he helped set up the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, in South Africa. Until 2017 he was a Research Fellow in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College.

Research interests:  Dr. Pickles’ research interests are in the use of mathematical models to inform public health decision-making, particularly for HIV and other sexually transmitted infected diseases. His work facilitates quantitative understanding of different epidemiological contexts through a combination of modelling and data analysis. It has been used in the design and evaluation of trials and interventions. He is also developing innovative models to understand how structural factors influence the HIV epidemic at the population level. To date he has worked on projects in Canada, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Ukraine, Zambia and South Africa.

Dr. Pickles is currently accepting new graduate students (Masters and PhD).


Dr. Mike Pickles
Assistant Professor

R070 Med Rehab

Phone: 204-272-3123
Email: Michael.Pickles@umanitoba.ca

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