CHS Bold Students
Celebrating Bold CHS Students at Manitoba Health Student Research Day

The Department of Community Health Sciences (CHS) has embraced Manitoba Health Student Research Day as a tremendous venue for CHS students to showcase our discipline and academic department across the health and social spectrum. CHS Graduate Students now have an opportunity to compete for 13 additional awards (valued at $1050.00) at the Manitoba Health Research Poster Competition scheduled June 6, 2017 at the Bannatyne Campus. The awards are tailored to all students regardless of where the student is at in their program. Only CHS students (including those students who identify CHS as their home department) who have submitted an abstract and are presenting a poster at the Manitoba Health Research Poster Competition are eligible for these awards.

CHS Awards:
Best CHS PhD Student Poster:
1st Best PhD Poster $200.00
2nd PhD runner up  $100.00
3rd PhD runner up  $50.00
Best CHS Masters Student Poster (Msc, MPH, Masters Family Social Sciences):
1st Best Masters Poster $200.00
2nd Masters runner up  $100.00
3rd Masters runner up $50.00
Best Sub-Categories:**
Most Bold Poster $50.00
Best Conceptually Framed Poster $50.00
Best Proposal Poster $50.00
Best Results-Based Poster $50.00
Best Qualitative Methods Poster $50.00
Best Quantitative Methods Poster $50.00
Best Mixed Methods Poster $50.00
**PhD and Master Students who received an award in the degree category are also eligible to receive an award from the Best Sub-Categories.

Submission and Award Process:

To submit an abstract, please go to:  <>.

Application/Abstract deadline is listed on research day webpage. The deadline may be revised, so please check periodically.
Please submit a copy of your abstract to Dr. Brenda Elias at and to Pamela Gordon at with a note confirming that you have formerly submitted your abstract to the research day forum. All abstracts will be published in a separate CHS Bold Student Presentation Proceeding. The proceeding will be published on the Bold Ideas webpage via the student link.

Thesis Advisors with students supported by grants are asked to support the cost of printing the student poster. If students, however, require financial support for poster printing, please contact Dr. Brenda Elias or Pamela Gordon.

To further support CHS student excellence in the Manitoba Health Student Research Competition, we are offering poster and presenting training sessions. Dates will be posted each year on this webpage.

Following the poster judging, late afternoon, there will be an award ceremony.