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Post-graduate opportunities exist for residents.

  • Clinical Experience - Dependent upon health care setting. There are a variety of hospital and community based opportunities.

  • Preceptors - All preceptors are Physicians affiliated with the University of Manitoba. Depending on the specific community there may be one or more preceptors involved in the elective.

  • Availablity - Dependent on availability of accommodations.

  • Supports - Transportation, accommodation, and living allowance areprovided.

Walrus, Repulse Bay Nunavut
Photo:  PT Students in Rankin Inlet

For more Information Contact:

Kathy Risk
Student Assistant
Tel.: 1.204.789.3598
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Fax: 1.204.774.8919

Lori Thiessen
Specialists Travel Coordinator
Tel.: 1.204.789.3474
Toll Free: 1.877.789.3711
Fax: 1.204.774.8919