Upcoming Deliverables

1. Revisiting Primary Care Provider (Family Physician and Nurse Practitioner) Projection Models

Contact: Alan Katz

The 2009 MCHP Deliverable, Physician Resource Projection Models, developed a novel methodology for predicting physician resource needs for family doctors. The projections were based on population projections for Manitoba as a whole for 2015 and 2020.

Specific goals for this new Deliverable are:

  1. To compare the current family physician resources with the 2009 predictions;
  2. To refine the predictive models based on the current population;
  3. To include Nurse Practitioner and regional data in the projections; and
  4. To revisit the results to explore the impact on physician resources where primary care teams are active.

2. Homecare: (a) Data Acquisition and Validity; (b) an Exploration of the use of Homecare by Manitobans

Contact: Dan Chateau or Malcolm Doupe

This will be one deliverable with two parts; the first would be the re-acquisition of the person level homecare data from Manitoba eHealth repository through Manitoba Health; the second would be high level descriptive information on what is seen in the data (e.g.: describe regional homecare service use). The questions that could be answered will depend upon the data available, but some examples could be: what is the prevalence and incidence of homecare use by RHA (and small areas), i.e., new and open home care cases? What is the wait time for homecare (if available)? What are the patterns and frequencies of homecare use by patient age, from pediatric cases to older adults? What "diseases" are being serviced through homecare (chronic disease management, palliative care etc.) - or if this is not available, what types of people (profiled from healthcare use data) are enrolled in home care? Are there geographical areas where homecare patterns of use appear to differ substantially?

Anticipated Release Date: Summer 2020

Page Last Updated: June 8, 2020

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