Upcoming Deliverables

High Utilizers of Health Services for Primary Care Network Planning
Contact: Dan Chateau or Alan Katz

While Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are intended to improve service coordination for all Manitobans, evidence regarding medical home/neighbourhood models suggests that a key way they add value is by facilitating the coordinated care of patients who are high utilizers of health services, often because of their complex needs. It is important that Manitoba PCNs are able to identify and understand the characteristics of their own high utilizing, complex patient populations; this has been designated as an early priority for each PCN to explore and begin addressing through service plans. However, PCNs need assistance in finding and understanding these populations. The proposed deliverable will assist current and future PCNs by identifying specific patient populations at the sub-regional level which involve high utilizers of services, high complexity patients (perhaps correlating with high need for coordination among family physicians and other providers) and/or patients for whom there would be high value to the health system if their care could be better managed to reduce system utilization including hospitalization.

Anticipated Release: Fall 2017

Evaluation of the PAX Good Behavior Game and Long-term Outcomes
Contact: Marni Brownell or Mariette Chartier

This will be a two deliverable selection:

The first deliverable will focus on transferring the PAX Good Behavior Game datasets to the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository where it will be run through the standard Data Quality Programs. The metadata (e.g. data model, data dictionary) for this database will also be developed and an initial assessment of the content of fields completed.

The second deliverable will evaluate the longer-term outcomes of PAX, which was recently piloted in 200 schools with 5000 children in Grade 1 across the province. This deliverable would include measuring the effects of PAX on Grade 3 education outcome, as well as mental health, physical health, and child welfare-related outcomes, using data from the MCHP Repository

Anticipated Release: Fall 2017

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