Upcoming Deliverables

1. Methamphetamine Consumption in Manitoba: A Population Descriptive Study

Contact: Nathan Nickel

MCHP is currently in the process of acquiring additional data which could be used to construct a cohort of Manitobans who have had contact with the healthcare / social services systems due to their methamphetamine consumption. We will use data from the Hospital Discharge Abstract Database and the Winnipeg First Responders Database to identify individuals who have been hospitalized due to their consumption of methamphetamine.

Specific goals for this new Deliverable are:

  1. Explore whether the EDIS (Emergency Department Information System) contains data which can be used to identify individuals who used methamphetamine;
  2. Explore the Winnipeg First Responders Data and its contents with respect to identifying individuals who have consumed methamphetamine;
  3. Develop a cohort of individuals who have documented methamphetamine use in the administrative data; and
  4. Describe the cohort of methamphetamine users who come into contact with the healthcare system.

Anticipated Release Date: November 9, 2020

2. First Nations Children Atlas

Contact: Mariette Chartier or Marni Brownell

This deliverable will focus specifically on First Nations children in the province - providing important information on perinatal, child and adolescent health outcomes, educational achievement and social services use. MCHP will partner with Nanaandawewigamig and the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre to identify health, education and social indicators of greatest relevance to First Nations and to produce an Atlas that could be used for planning and decision-making.

Potential outcomes include infant mortality rates and causes of infant mortality; prevalence of diabetes among adolescents; readiness for school learning in kindergarten; high school completion rates; and justice system involvement among adolescents. Comparison groups could include on- and off-reserve First Nations, as well as non-First Nations children. Similar to the First Nations Atlas produced by MCHP in 2002, this study could examine regional differences in order to explore 'what works' to improve child health and well-being. The DEVOTION (DEVelOpmenTal Origins of chronic diseases in children Network) team has expressed an interest in developing a chapter in the Atlas in partnership with Nanaandawewigamig based on data from the First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS) and the First Nations Regional Early Childhood Education and Employment Survey (REEES) on 'Why we're thriving', a strength-based look at child health in Manitoba.

Anticipated Release Date: Late Fall 2020

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