What Works Deliverable
Chapter 2: Premature Mortality Rate (PMR)

Chapter 3: Diabetes and Amputation due to Diabetes

Chapter 4: Teen Pregnancy

Chapter 5: Injury Hospitalization & Deaths

Chapter 6: Suicide: Prevalence of Individuals Completing or Attempting

Chapter 7: Breastfeeding Initiation

Chapter 8: Immunizations (2-year old)

Chapter 9: Complete Physicals

Chapter 10: Mammography

Chapter 11: Cervical Cancer Screening (PAP tests)

Chapter 12: Polypharmacy: Rates for Community-Dwelling Seniors

Chapter 13: Caesarean Section Rates

Chapter 14: Hysterectomy Rates

Chapter 15: Access to Specialist Care (Telehealth effects)


*For Appendices 1-4 refer to the Full Report PDF