Dr. Noralou Roos
Noralou P. Roos is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba and a founding director of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. She received funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation to create Canada’s first data laboratory, containing population-based data on health, education, and social services, and held a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair. Citations to Roos’s work place her among the top 100 Canadian scientists according to the Institute for Scientific Information. She was a member of the Prime Minister’s National Forum on Health and the Interim Governing Council, setting up the Canadian Institutes for Health Research; she received the Order of Canada; and she was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Royal Society of Canada.

Currently she works with the media to ensure evidence on high profile health policy issues is accurately communicated and with health care providers and community groups on the Get Your Benefits project  to ensure poverty is diagnosed and treated.

Noralou Roos

Noralou Roos
Credentials:  AB,  PhD
Phone: 204-789-3319
E-Mail: Noralou_Roos@cpe.umanitoba.ca