Bachelor of Human Ecology: Family Social Sciences Undergraduate Program
Due to Administrative and Program restructuring, admissions to the Family Social Sciences program have been suspended and there will be no further admissions into the program after January 2019.

However, students interested in Family Studies are encouraged to apply to the Bachelor of Health Studies (BHSt) program, which is part of the Interdisciplinary Health Program (IHP) in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.  The BHSt program has three specialized concentrations, one being Family Health. The content from the former Family Social Sciences program (FMLY courses) is now housed within the Family Health Concentration of the Bachelor of Health Studies program. Please visit the website of the BHSt program at ( For additional information please contact the student advisors at

An undergrab in class

You will learn about how family community and culture impact human health and well-being.

It is an innovative program that will appeal to students interested in a dynamic career helping others through prevention, education and health promotion.

You will gain:

  • understanding of human development, relationships, healthy communities, diversity, equity and social justice
  • knowledge of how to develop programs to improve people's quality of life and well-being
  • skills in evaluating the effectiveness of programs aimed at supporting families
  • expertise in the impact of individual, community, cultural, and political environments on family well-being.

A degree in Family Social Sciences gives you a breadth of knowledge through a wide variety of courses that are required for the major. But you also will get a depth of knowledge by selecting one or more "options".   There are 5 options to help you to design your own program, tailoring it to reflect your interests and where you want your future to take you.

The status of this program is currently under review. Interested applicants are encouraged to speak to an academic advisor prior to application.

Students interested in Family Social Sciences are also advised to review the Bachelor of Health Studies, which is part of the Interdisciplinary Health Program.


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A complete listing of Family Social Sciences courses is available in the University of Manitoba Undergraduate Calendar.