Our Graduates

Andrew RobsonAndrew Robson

I work as an Autism Behaviour Specialist at Children’s DisABILITY Services, which is part Manitoba Family Services and Consumer Affairs. In this position I am part of a professional team that provides services to preschool- and school-age children with a recent diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In general, we provide an individualized assessment, consultation and training process designed to enable parents and caregivers to deliver both support and treatment to a child with autism, through the preschool years and first years of school.

Specifically, I am responsible for intervention-based assessment, design of a comprehensive set of intervention strategies tailored to the individual strengths and needs of the child and family, direct therapy, modeling of treatment techniques, the tracking of individual goals and objectives, and the education, training, and coaching of parents, caregivers, early childhood educators, and teachers.

The unique combination of child development and family courses I took in my undergraduate degree in Family Social Sciences, along with the social and emotional assessment courses I took during my Master’s degree in Family Social Sciences were crucial in providing me with the educational background and confidence required to support children with autism and their families.

Rae SpiwakRae Spiwak

I completed my Master's degree in Family Social Sciences in 2004, focusing my thesis research on the risk factors for violence against women who are separated from their partners. My current research interests include family violence, community health, and the promotion of knowledge translation in healthcare.

I now work as an Epidemiologist in the Health Research Intelligence Unit for the Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia. I conduct research in a variety of areas, including regionalized health services delivery and policy analysis, workplace health and safety, the evaluation of clinical outcomes and services, patient flow and the reduction of hospital waiting times. I also facilitate region-wide workshops to promote the use of evidence-based medicine in daily practice.

Susan CrichtonSusan Crichton

Susan Crichton is the Elder Abuse Consultant with the Manitoba Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat. Since 2001, she has led the provincial Elder Abuse Strategy which includes: policy development; providing education and training to various groups; promoting awareness of elder abuse; leading community development activities throughout Manitoba; and managing service purchase agreements with community partners. From 2008 to 2011, Susan was on an interchange with the Public Health Agency of Canada leading the public health component of the Federal Elder Abuse Initiative. This provided an opportunity to work with key experts and organizations across Canada on elder abuse awareness and prevention activities.