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If we do not receive the required form, the hold on your account will NOT be released and you will not be able to register for Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 classes.  You need to submit the course list form.


Family Social Sciences
Students should be advised that required and option courses will be available on a rotation schedule during the regular academic year.

  • Advance planning for smooth registration
  • You are aware of where you are in your program
  • Ensure you are taking the appropriate courses to fulfill degree requirements
  • Resolve any foreseen issues with your program
  • Lift the hold placed on your account that will prevent you from registering


1. Print or open copies of the following:
*Tip – Have 1 set of copies of each form for your records and a copy of the course list to send to the advisor. This will ensure smooth planning and registration.

*Tip – If you are unsure of the courses you have completed/not completed, please print or view a copy of your transcript on Aurora Student (Log into Aurora, click on ‘Enrolment & Academic Records’, click on ‘View Academic Transcript’). You can also use UM Achieve to run a degree audit to check your status: http://umanitoba.ca/student/academic-advisors/um-achieve/index.html

2. Open Aurora Student Course Schedule in your browser

3. Use Aurora Student Course Schedule to plan your courses (by term) and use your forms from #1.

4. Once completed, send the course list by e-mail or in-person:

  • E-mail - preferred option
  • In-person at 317 Human Ecology Building - just drop it off, you do not need to see an advisor.
  1. Check your pre-requisites and any other foreseen problems you may encounter before registration to ensure you have a smooth registration process!
  2. Have your forms with you on your day of registration.
  3. Check your registration date & time ahead of time on Aurora to well prepare yourself for registration.
  4. After Degree Family Social Sciences students will automatically be permitted (without special permission from the course instructor) to take FSS 2000 level prerequisites as co-requisites for any required FSS 3000 and/or 4000 level courses.  Please note on the course list if you require an override for a particular course or you will run into registration problems.

Need Help?!

To make an appointment email alisa.claman@umanitoba.ca.  You are expected to have your program planning completed BEFORE you see an advisor. Otherwise, you will be asked to come back AFTER you have completed program planning.

You can ask your questions via e-mail.

Program Planning Forms

Family Social Sciences



Registration begins mid-July and will end in mid-September.

Course pre-requisites (use the zoom button in the document to enlarge the content)
**Check your courses to ensure you have met all the necessary pre-requisites to register for courses.**

FSS Degree FAQ (please read)


FMLY 4300 Field Experience ( Family Social Sciences students)
To view the power point presentation please click here.
Download the application form here.
Application form – Word version
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