The Centre for Global Public Health (CGPH) was established in the Department of Community Health Sciences June, 2008, in collaboration with the Department of Medical Microbiology.  CGPH enhances the contribution of the University of Manitoba to the improvement of public health systems, programs and activities in diverse global settings.  A cornerstone of CGPH is the design and implementation of international health and development projects in several countries including India, China, Kenya and Pakistan; primarily in the areas of HIV and STI prevention.

Through education and knowledge translation, CGPH is committed to creating an exceptional environment for training and mentoring graduate students, fellows and trainees, as well as providing opportunities to participate in international and development, and research projects.  CGPH promotes the translation of knowledge gained in global public health research and projects for application in international and domestic public health settings.  Through a proactive technical assistance program CGPH faculty and students provide capacity building and technical expertise to academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations in global public health programs.  CGPH also facilitates the development of key public health knowledge networks with experts from around the globe.

The Centre's other main area of focus is conducting and supporting applied public health research.  This is achieved through a public health data laboratory located in the Centre for Global Public Health.  The data laboratory provides a secure environment for the analysis of public health data sets from around the world, and for the development and testing of new and innovative methods of public health research and surveillance.