Next Steps
Yes! I want to spend a term doing Research in another Commonwealth Country!
What do I do now?
1. Identify a health related project to work on. Please take a look at our mentors page  for some project ideas. Need help? E-mail and we’ll see if we can help you out.
2. Introduce yourself to a mentor. The people on the Mentors Page have all agreed that they’re interested in working with students.
3. Work with your mentor to create a research/fieldwork budget, a project proposal, and a letter of support
4. Start filling in the application form
5. Ask people to be  references
6. Order transcripts
7. Get copies of documents for proof of citizenship and age (for example a passport)
8. Complete your Personal Statement.
9. Complete your Project Proposal.
10. Fill out the budget forms
11. I have proof of financial capacity (like a letter from my Bank, a letter from Financial Aid & Award demonstrating a scholarship, a letter from my supervisor demonstrating a commitment of financial support etc).I know that the University of Manitoba wants to have this information so that they know I’ll be okay if I run out of money from the scholarship when I’m traveling and I will still have money to buy food.
12. Update your Curriculum Vitae
13. Have friends/advisor/mentor proof-read my application
14. Check to make sure your references have sent in their letters of support
15. Submit your application and wait to hear the results.