Dr. Annette Schultz, PhD, RN
Annette SH Schultz, PhD RN is an Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba, with the College of Nursing in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Dr. Schultz is a Canadian researcher who explores health services and policy contexts in relation to health priorities. While individual behaviors play a role in health status, health service systems and polices also play a dynamic role in health status. An emerging research focus for me is First Nation People’s heart health (CIHR funded: 2014-2018; and 2015-2016), where two-eyed seeing and decolonizing methodologies are integrated. As well, for over 10 years I have explored tobacco use issues, management, and control in the context of health care services and policies. While I am active in both research areas, my primary focus is increasingly First Nation People’s health. I commonly integrate a variety of research approaches within a study and have considerable experience with mix-methods approaches.