About the Logo

CAHR Logo Created by Deborah Wilde

The artist and the Logo:
Deborah Wilde is a traditional Anishinabe woman from Ontario who has made her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Deborah is a mother, grandmother, and an accomplished artist who draws strength and inspiration from the traditional ways of her people. Deborah has a Bacheolor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Manitoba, a Bachelor of Indian Fine Arts from the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College from the University of Regina, and a Diploma of Registered Nursing from Winnipeg’s Red River Community College.

Her inspiration and vision for the logo came from an Elders health gathering. The turtle represents a creation story. This symbol seems appropriate for Manitoba First Nations Centre for Aboriginal Health Research, as the Centre’s mission is to create new knowledge that is reflective of indigenous cultural and social realities. The arrows going in and out of the turtle’s image represents the taking in of information (research) and the giving back of information (dissemination). The turtle’s back represents the medicine wheel and the teachings. The four directions are representative of the four stages in the life cycle and the physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological aspects of health