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Science Professional Development


Science Professional Development Program

In the spring of 2011, the Biomedical Youth Program in partnership with Manitoba Education, implemented a pilot project called the “Science Professional Development Program”. This partnership is consistent with the “Action Plan” for science education in Manitoba, which has the aim of providing all K-12 students with high quality science teaching and learning that supports and promotes active learning.

The goals of this program are to train teachers to acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach learner-centered lesson with inquiry-based opportunities, and to become agents of change in science education in their schools. They can, in turn, teach other teachers and/or teach students basic biotechnology hands-on science in their classrooms, and/or at the Inner City Science Centre. Since then, under this program, several professional development courses for science teachers have been initiated including the Learning and Leading in Biotechnology Institute and the Teacher Resource Development Workshops.

The course schedules consist of seminars, hands-on experiments, and teacher-led seminars at the Inner City Science Centre (ICSC), Niji Mahkwa Elementary School.  After a celebratory lunch, teacher alumni of this program are recognized by being awarded certificates and designated as “Associates” of the Biomedical Youth Program’s Learning Institutes. Some of the highlights of the courses are leadership seminars delivered by experts in the life science and business industries. For example, Dr. Marv Kusa, Co-founder of Yomm Beverages, Winnipeg, was a guest speaker.