Rady Faculty Refugee Response Group


The Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba has sponsored a Syrian refugee family who will be arriving in Winnipeg in the next few months.  This family of 6 includes two parents and four sons ages six to 13.

Thank you to all those who have generously donated money or other items to date.  We are still looking for some household items and clothing as well as accommodations (3 bedroom apartment).  A detailed list of outstanding items can be found here.

To donate items or if you have information on an available rental property please contact: Angela.Peloquin@umanitoba.ca or 204-272-3183. 

We will be updating the list weekly, please check back regularly to see what items have been added and how close we are to reaching our goals.

Thank you for your interest and support of this initiative. 
We can make a difference in this global crisis.