Encouraging Filing Taxes
Filing a tax return every year allows individuals and families to unlock access to federal and provincial benefits which can contribute to improved health and wellbeing. Given the widely recognized link between income and health, the following resources were created to encourage people to access these benefits.They can be used in a variety of settings.

Tax Clinic Resources

Prosper Canada provides and hosts resources including publications, online tools, and webinars such as the following:

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program - tools to help promote free tax clinics and support the volunteers who prepare tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals and families.


Tax Poster Guide - includes suggestions on how to best use the tax filing posters. Guidance is provided for having supportive conversations about tax filing. Key points to speak to include encouraging, explaining, asking about barriers, finding out about eligibility, and reminding about other potential benefits not included in income tax filing.

  Reasons not filing - Norquay poster Those reasons you didn't file your taxes last year? is available prefilled with Norquay Building Tax Clinic information both in colour and in black and white.The black/white version can be used if you do not have access to a colour printer; it also uses less ink. The posters are 8-1/2" x 11".

  - colour pdf
  - black/white pdf

  Both of the following posters - Those reasons you didn't file your taxes last year? and Having trouble making ends meet? - are available with editable boxes to enable you to tailor the information to your setting - either by entering the text before printing or by writing in the information by hand after printing.
  Reasons not file taxes poster Those reasons you didn't file your taxes last year?
  - colour pdf
  - black/white pdf
Trouble ends meet poster

Having trouble making ends meet?
  - colour pdf
  - black/white pdf

Other Resources

The Experiences of Indigenous Communities with Tax Filing [pdf] – a report prepared for Canada Revenue Agency by Phoenix Strategic Perspectives Inc. June 2017. Qualitative research was carried out with indigenous communities on their experiences with tax filing in order to  identify barriers to filing and benefit uptake. CRA plans to use the findings "to develop outreach programs and communication products to help individuals access benefits and credits available through the tax system".

Canada Revenue Agency

   CRA benefits and credits Presentation from Canada Revenue Agency - on Accessing Benefits and Receiving Credits.(May 2017 pdf)

CRA 1-pager on tax filing

Fact Sheets from Canada Revenue Agency - provide information about benefits, credits and deductions that can be obtained by regularly filing taxes "even if you have no income at all". They include general fact sheets, and fact sheets tailored to several population groups: Seniors, Indigenous, and Newcomers.

 General fact sheet:   English pdf   and  French pdf

    CRA information for seniors
- English pdf
- French pdf
CRA information for Indigenous
- English pdf
- French pdf


CRA information for newcomers
- English pdf
- French pdf
- Arabic pdf




Booklet (2017)

Project summary