Examples of tax return benefits

Single parent, 2 children ages 2 & 4,
living in private rental market. Employed part time.
Annual employment income  $15,000

GST Refundable Credit  ($210.50 paid quarterly)

Canada Child Benefits ($1066.66 paid monthly)

Working Income Tax Benefit (with refund OR part paid quarterly)

MB Rent Assist Benefits ($465.50 paid monthly)

MB Child Benefit ($35.00 paid monthly)

MB Personal Tax Credit (refund upon tax filing)

Total Additional Benefits*     $22,176
TOTAL ANNUAL INCOME       $37,178 

Widowed Senior aged 60, disabled,
living in private rental market.
Deceased spouse was OAS recipient over age 65.
Annual income $7,800
(part-time job $4,800 and CPP Survivor Pension $3,000)

Allowance for the Survivor $8,444
GST Refundable Credit (paid quarterly as $104) $416
Working Income Tax Benefit** $1,523
Manitoba  Rent Assist*** $2,311.00
Manitoba refundable credit (net personal tax credit) $146
Manitoba STAT 55+ (school tax rebate for tenants 55+)  $175
Total Additional Benefits*      $13,015

*These examples estimate federal and provincial benefits based on income as reported on the 2015 tax return.
**Benefit amount can be paid as a 50% advance paid quarterly at $190.37/quarter and the remaining 50% ($761.50) paid with tax refund.
*** Rent Assist Amount per online estimator – amounts could be higher due to benefits for consumers with OAS income calculated based on a rolled back income level.



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