Examples of tax return benefits
These examples, developed by Community Financial Counselling Services, illustrate the significant benefits you can receive by filing annual tax returns. See Filing Taxes - The Key To Benefits 2018 [pdf] for additional examples.

Example - Single parent, 2 children ages 2 & 4,
living in private rental market. Employed part time.
Annual employment income  $15,000

GST Refundable Credit  ($216.50 paid quarterly) $866.00
Canada Child Benefits ($1082.66 paid monthly) $12,991.92
Working Income Tax Benefit (with refund OR part paid quarterly) $1,894.00
MB Rent Assist Benefits ($437.00 paid monthly) $5,244.00
MB Child Benefit ($70.00 paid monthly)   $840.00
MB Personal Tax Credit (refund upon tax filing) $266.00
Total Additional Benefits     $22,101.92
(based on 2017 income thresholds)

Example - Widowed Senior aged 60, disabled, not employed,
living in private rental market.
Deceased spouse was OAS recipient over age 65.
Annual income CPP Survivor Pension $7,800

Allowance for the Survivor ($744.74 per month) $8,936.88
GST Refundable Credit (paid quarterly as $108.25) $433.00
Manitoba  Rent Assist* $2,070.00
Manitoba refundable credit (net personal tax credit) $140.64
Manitoba STAT 55+ (school tax rebate for tenants 55+)  $141.00
Total Additional Benefits      $11,721.52
(based on 2017 income thresholds)
* Rent Assist Amount per online estimator – calculated inclusive of Allowance for Survivor - amounts could be higher due to benefits for consumers with OAS income calculated based on a 'rolled back' income level.

Filing Taxes - The Key To Benefits 2018 [pdf] contains 5 examples. They incorporate recent changes to programs effective 2018 using the 2017 income tax details.

  1. Single parent with 2 kids under age 6 - shown above.
  2. Single parent as above but with one disabled child.
  3. Widowed senior with employment income.
  4. Widowed senior no employment income - shown above. Annual income is the same as #3.
  5. Married couple both seniors with pension income – captures the impact of benefits and tax filing on low income couples

In all cases credits such as the provincial refundable benefits have been calculated as if the net income on the tax return already included all the Guaranteed Income Supplement or the Survivor Allowance or as if the Rent Assist benefits were included. This was done to make certain the resulting tax refunds were reflective of the type of tax refunds people could anticipate going forward.




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