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Did you know you should file a tax return?
  • New for 2017 tax year -Tax Credit changes - Budget 2016 proposes to eliminate the education and textbook tax credits. This measure does not eliminate the tuition tax credit. Changes will be made to ensure that other income tax provisions—such as the tax exemption for scholarship, fellowship and bursary income—that currently rely on eligibility for the education tax credit or use terms defined for the purpose of the education tax credit will be unaffected by its elimination. This measure will apply effective January 1, 2017. Unused education and textbook credit amounts carried forward from years prior to 2017 will remain available to be claimed in 2017 and subsequent years.
  • Income Tax Information for all Students - An overview of how to file your income tax return, available from International Student Services at the University of Winnipeg. Also available is a Guide to Income Taxes in Canada [pdf].



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