Persons Living with Disabilities
If you are not able to earn income because of health issues or a disability, there are some government programs that might help you:
  • Canada Pension Plan– Disability Benefits. If you worked and contributed to CPP you may be able to get a disability pension until you turn 65. Call 1-800-277-9914 to have an application kit mailed to you or apply at: Canada Pension Plan - Disability Benefit.
  • Employment and Income Assistance – Disability Benefits Persons with disabilities receive additional  EIA benefits, including the Income Assistance for Persons with  Disabilities  (IAPD) of $105  monthly. If prescribed by a health practitioner, persons with disabilities may be eligible for:
    • Special diets due to medical problems
    • Coverage for transportation  or phone costs due to medical needs
    • Additional health-related/medical supplies/equipment and not covered under any other program

    Read the brochure Employment and Income Assistance for Persons with Disabilities [pdf] for more details. More information is available at

You might qualify for additional tax breaks:

  • Disability Tax Credit – This is a tax credit that can reduce your taxes or be transferred to a spouse/partner to reduce theirs. The Canada Revenue Agency must approve the credit before you can make a claim.
  • Working Income Tax Benefit – Disability Supplement – This additional refundable amount tops up the working income tax benefit if you are also eligible for the disability tax credit.
  • Refundable Medical Expense Supplement – This refundable  credit can be claimed on the tax return of working individuals with low incomes and high medical expenses.
  • Registered Disability Savings Plan – This program allows you to save for the future without  losing any of your EIA-D benefits. The government  will match your savings up to 300%.  Even if you have a low income and cannot put money in your plan, the government  may give you $1000  each year. Find more information at Tax Credits and Deductions for Persons with Disabilities.


*Note: If you are blind or partially-sighted, you can get CRA publications  and personalized correspondence in Braille, large print, electronic text, or MP3 by going to CRA - About Multiple Formats or by calling 1-800-959-8281.





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