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Financial Relief Navigator for COVID-19

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Prosper Canada developed the Financial Relief Navigator, an online tool that helps vulnerable Canadians access critical emergency benefits and financial relief from governments, financial institutions, telecoms and internet providers. While some other tools focus on only emergency benefits, the FRN acts as a one-stop portal where Canadians can access relief measures from all of these entities.

Financial Relief Navigator Home page Some unique features include:
  • Simple, intuitive navigation with plain language descriptions of benefits and financial relief measures.
  • Information on the impact of COVID-19 benefits on existing benefits that people may already be receiving (e.g. Social Assistance.
  • Information on relief measures in place for major banks, credit unions, utilities and telephone/internet providers.

Are you a working age adult who has been impacted by COVID-19? Dr. Jennifer Robson of Carleton University has compiled information on Google Drive to assist you if you have questions such as the following:

  • Who can I call for information or to ask a question about financial support from government right now?
  • I need to take sick leave because I’m ill or self-isolating or have to quarantine.
  • I can’t work because I'm caring for someone who is sick.
  • I've been laid off.
  • I am at home because my kids cannot go to school or daycare. I need money to make ends meet.
  • My employer can't pay me but I haven't been laid off.
  • I’m not sure that my employer is following the rules.
  • I’m self-employed. What benefits can I get?
  • I'm a college or university student and I was counting on my summer job to pay tuition in the fall. What do I do?
  • I’m having trouble keeping up with my rent. Is there help for me?





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