Employment & Income Assistance
Employment & Income Assistance (EIA) is a program that provides financial help to Manitobans with no other way to provide for their basic needs. For people who are able to work, EIA can help you get back to work by providing supports to employment. You can apply for EIA by calling 1-877-812-0014.

For more information on EIA benefits and other supports please see:
Manitoba EIA Brochures, Forms, and Policies

EIA provides a range of benefits to help meet needs like:

  • Basic assistance – help with food, clothing, household needs
  • Income assistance for persons with disabilities – additional financial support to help offset some of the costs of living with a disability in the community
  • Rent Assist shelter benefits – help with rental costs
  • Health needs – help with prescription eye or dental needs
  • Medical supplies and equipment not available through another program
  • Special health-related diet allowances, when prescribed
  • Transportation costs for education, employment or health-related  needs
  • Special needs – like the costs of beds/bedding in exceptional circumstances

Rent Assist – Rent Assist is a monthly shelter-related financial benefit to help low-income Manitobans who pay rent in the private market and are required to spend a large portion of their income on rent. Rent Assist benefit amounts have been increased up to 75% of median market rent. Manitobans living in eligible  rental or board and room spaces, who do not receive EIA, may receive a monthly benefit that will vary depending on the annual incomeof each adult (in the household). To apply for non-EIA Rent Assist, you can download the following application form: Manitoba Rent Assist [pdf file] or call Provincial  Services at 204-945-2197 in Winnipeg or 1-877-587-6224 toll-free to have an application form mailed to you.

For those receiving  EIA, maximum monthly shelter benefits of $511 for single individuals and $758 for a family of four may be available to eligible Manitobans living in unsubsidized housing. The amount will be based on number of family members, and whether utility costs (ex: heat, electricity, water) are included in the rent. Rent Assist is included with monthly EIA payments.

Canada Benefits at Service Canada – Service Canada offers you help getting back to work, temporary income support or skills training. Canada benefits can help connect you with appropriate programs and services – truly a one-stop shop. Similarly, you will find information to help with your housing and health needs whether you are a Newcomer to Canada, a person with a Disability, or an Aboriginal person. Try the Canada Benefits Finder to get a customized list of federal and provincial programs and services.

Employment Manitoba – Need help finding or exploring career options in Manitoba? Looking for information about employment and training opportunities? For more information, go to Manitoba Training and Employment Services. Phone: 204-945-0575  E-mail: mjsd@gov.mb.ca

Training and Employment Services – 14 Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centres in the province offer a wide range of services for job seekers. Community-based organizations are also funded to to help unemployed people to prepare for, find and keep jobs. A list of locations by region is available at Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre or call toll-free 1-866-332-5077 for Employment and Training inquiries.

Find jobs in Manitoba  with a comprehensive job search tool at: Manitoba - Find My Job.

Need Help with EIA?


Community Unemployed Help Centre – For information and help with Employment  Insurance (EI) or with  Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) problems go to Community Unemployed Help Centre, call 204-942-6556 in Winnipeg or toll-free at 1-866-942-6556 or email cuhc@cuhc.mb.ca

EIA Advocates Network  – The Network is made up of community members who are on EIA, and community agency staff and volunteers who support individuals living on EIA. The regular meetings create an opportunity to discuss policy changes, training opportunities, share resources and create joint materials. For more information contact Manitoba EIA Advocates Network.




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