BMG Committee Memberships

BMG Executive Committee

Dr. Louise Simard, Chair
Dr. Barbara Triggs-Raine, Associate Head
Dr. Spencer Gibson, Chair of the Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee
Dr. David Merz, Chair of the Student Admissions and Awards Committee
Dr. Dan Gietz, Co-Chair of the Student Admissions and Awards Committee
Dr. Jeff Wigle, Chair of the Graduate Student Affairs Committee
Dr. Francis Amara, Chair of the Education Committee
Ms. Jessica Hartley, Chair of the Genetic Counselling Program Committees

Appointments, Promotions and Tenure

Dr. Spencer Gibson, Chair  (Nov 2016-Aug 2019)
Dr. Geoff Hicks (Nov 2015-Aug 2018)
Dr. Leigh Murphy (Nov 2015-Aug 2018)
Dr. Mojgan Rastegar (Sep 2016-Aug 2019)
Dr. Pingzhao Hu (Sep 2017-Aug 2018)

Graduate Student Admissions and Awards

Dr. David Merz, Chair  (Nov 2015-Aug 2018)
Dr. Dan Gietz, Co-Chair (Nov 2015-Aug 2018)
Dr. Trevor Pemberton (Nov 2015-Aug 2018)
Dr. Michael Mowat (Sep 2017-Aug 2020)
Claudia Carriles (Sep 2017-Aug 2020)

Graduate Student Affairs

Dr. Jeffrey Wigle, Chair (Jan 2017-Aug 2019)
Dr. Kirk McManus (Sep 2017-Aug 2020)
Dr. Tamra Werbowetski-Ogilvie (Nov 2015-Aug 2018)
Dr. Francis Amara (Jan 2017-Aug 2019)
Ms. Jessica Hartley (Jan 2017-Aug 2020)

Education Committee

Dr. Francis Amara, Chair  (Jan 2017 – Aug 2019)
Dr. Geoff Hicks (Sep 2016 – Aug 2018)
Dr. Etienne Leygue (Jun 2017 - Aug 2018)
Dr. Dave Merz (Jan 2017 - Aug 2019)
Dr. Hao Ding (Sep 2017 – Aug 2020)
Ms. Jessica Hartley (Sep 2017 – Aug 2020)

Genetic Counselling Program Advisory Committee

Jessica Hartley, GCP Director, Chair
Claudia Carriles, GCP Associate Director
Dr. Bernie Chodirker, GCP Medical Director
Shannon Chin, WRHA Genetics and Metabolism Program
Dr. Jeffrey Wigle, Graduate Student Affairs Committee Chair
Ian Jones, Physician’s Assistant Studies Program Director (Sep 2016-Aug 2018)
Stephanie Clarke (Sep 2016-Aug 2019)
Heidi Rothenmund (Sep 2016-Aug 2018)

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Director of a Canadian GCP (Sep 2016-Aug 2018)
To be named, Second year GCP trainee (Sep 2018-Aug 2019)

Genetic Counselling Program Admissions Sub-Committee

Jessica Hartley, GCP Director, Chair
Sherri Burnett, GCP Associate Director
Dave Merz, BMG Admissions and Awards Committee Chair
Stephanie Clarke, Genetic Counsellor Rep (Sep 2016 – Aug 2019)

Genetic Counselling Program Curriculum Sub-Committee

Claudia Carriles, GCP Associate Director, Chair
Jessica Hartley, GCP Director
Dr. Aziz Mhanni (Sep 2017-Aug 2019)
Dave Merz (Sep 2017-Aug 2020)
Heidi Rothenmund (Sep 2017 – Aug 2018)