Undergraduate - General Information
General Information
You will be assigned to HSC, St. Boniface, Grace, Seven Oaks , or Victoria Hospitals for the rotation. This assignment is the responsibility of the Undergraduate Program Director. The clerkship coordinators at each site will arrange the day to day activities. You will receive a letter prior to the rotation outlining where you have been assigned and the time and place of the rotation orientation. There is a general orientation to the rotation, as well as a site orientation on the first day of the Anesthesia portion of the rotation.

The following important contact personnel will help with any questions regarding the clerkship or electives and/or will help contact the appropriate staff person:

 Hospital Site Coordinator  Orientation  OR
 Lockers  Dept.
 HSC Dr. Leanne Docking 07:00- main OR desk  07:30    787-3796
 SBGH Dr. A. Pandian
07:15- main OR desk  07:45

See Secretary in
Anesthesia Office

 SOGH Dr. Ken Baron
07:45- main OR desk
 07:45 ask at OR desk  632-7133
 VGH Dr. M. Tenenbein 07:45- main OR desk
 07:45 ask at OR desk
 GRACE Dr. Vivien Saadia
07:15- main OR desk
 07:30 ask at OR desk


Dr. Kelvin Williamson 07:15 -main OR desk 07:45 ask at OR desk



How will I learn?

There is a manual provided with your orientation material.This has been written by members of our department, and is a good basic reference for those topics considered core. You should aim to read the entire manual, which should not be difficult. Do not buy a text unless you wish further reading. Should you discover an interest in Anesthesia, there are several good handbooks which we can recommend, but they are beyond the needs of this rotation.

Each day on the rotation, you will be paired with a staff person. You will spend the day in the OR with that staff person, with the exception of the specialty days. The nature of Anesthesia practice makes for an environment uniquely conducive to teaching, as you will be one-on-one with your staff person all day. Most of us like to explain what we are doing and there are constant opportunities to discuss didactic as well as clinical topics. You will also get the opportunity to learn and practice technical skills in an ideal environment.

You are expected to assess the patients with your staff person the night before surgery, if there are any to be seen. Plan to arrive 15 min before the first case to meet your staff person and prepare for the day. You are expected to stay until the slate is finished, or until 1600 in the event of a late room.