Anesthesia and Perioperative Care Rotation

Mission Statement:

Undergraduate Anesthesia Program

To teach fundamental knowledge and skills that enables you to deliver optimal care to patients in elective and emergent clinical situations.

Welcome to the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine. It is a privilege and honor for us to be able to contribute to your medical school education. The core knowledge and skills that you learn on this rotation will help you to deliver optimal care to patients in many different clinical situations.

The overall goal of this rotation is to contribute to your education as primary care physicians. The practice of anesthesia itself incorporates knowledge and technical skills in the areas of physiology, pharmacology, internal medicine and critical care. The anesthesia part of the rotation has been designed to teach students core anesthesia topics and procedures which are essential for all physicians, such as airway management, vascular access and intravenous therapy.

The perioperative care component of the rotation is designed in collaboration with the department of surgery. The goal of this rotation is to facilitate your understanding and participation in the entire process the patient experiences during the perioperative period. This will include pre-operative assessment and risk management, diagnosis and management of post-operative complications, acute and chronic pain management. The focus will be on broader issues of perioperative care that will be relevant to all students regardless of their final career path.

Students interested in anesthesia as a career option, are encouraged to explore the specialty further in the course of their daily discussions with staff, or during subsequent elective time. Elective exposure in Anesthesia is available in the fourth year of medical school.