Undergraduate - Logsheets/Evaluation/Exit Interviews
Log Sheets
The log sheet is included in your orientation package. It is used for your evaluation, and must be presented to the site coordinator at the end of the rotation. You must carry it and have it filled out daily in order for your evaluation to be completed. it is the responsibility of the student to remember this sheet. Failure to present the sheet and account for your activities during the rotation may result in an assessment of non-completion of the rotation.

Evaluations and Exit Interviews
The evaluation is based on general attitude, professionalism, knowledge base and technical skills, in that order. The information is obtained from staff feedback both direct and that on the log sheet. Once the evaluation is completed, there will be an opportunity to dicuss it at an exit interview. The second purpose of the exit interview is to discuss the student's experience, to give us the opportunity to address any problems and improve the rotation for future students. The exit interview will be held on the last day of the anesthesia rotation,when possible. For those who do not get their interview on the last day of the anesthesia rotation you may call Ingrid at 258-1085 and she will try and arrange an exit interview with the site coordinator or the Program Director.  Students must have copies of thier log sheets available for the undergrad site coordinators at the end of the rotation, in order for an evaluation to be completed.

We hope that you will find this rotation to be both enjoyable and valuable. You will find that there is a wealth of experience that can be accessed. As with any rotation, you can expect to benefit proportional to the effort you put in, but a small effort is all that is required to reap a very positive experience. Should you discover an interest in Anesthesia, you may want to consider further exposure through an undergraduate elective period Undergraduate Anesthesia Electives. Other options would be to pursue postgraduate Anesthesia training as an elective from another program, in the Family Practice Year Family Practice Anesthesia year, or the full Anesthesia Residency at the University of Manitoba.