Echo of the Month
May 2020

1.  Prosthetic Valves (Link to Echo Clip)


April 2020

1.  Intra Abdominal Fluid (Link to Echo Clip)


March 2020

1.  Cardiac cause of SOBOE (Link to Echo Clip)


February 2020

1.  Volume Overload (Link to Echo Clip)

2.  Phillips Monitor Pic (link here)


January 2020

1.  Bicuspid Aortopathy (Link to Echo Clip)

2.  LV Wall Rupture (Link to Echo Clip)


December 2019
Two Echo cases to review this month

1.  Post Partum Cardiomyopathy (PP CM LINK HERE)

2.  Pneumonia vs CHF (PNA vs CHF LINK HERE)    
    a.  Chest XRAY for PNA vs CHF


November 2019

  1. November TEE Intro
  2. November TEE Conclusion
  3. Link to Echo Clips(use login/password provided in right menu)


October 2019

  1. October Echo Overview "cath lab"
  2. Link to Echo Clips(use login/password provided in right menu)


September 2019

  1. September Echo Overview
  2. Link to Echo Clips(use login/password provided in right menu)
  3. Findings of bedside TTE and Management


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