Histomorphological Services

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Histology Office:  Room 119
Histology Laboratory:  Room 117

745 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3E 0J9
Basic Medical Science Building (BMSB)
Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science

Phone:  204-789-3508
Fax:      204-789-3920
E-mail:  histology_services@umanitoba.ca

Mrs. Dana Henderson, Histological Technician - EM, SIM
Mrs. Farhana Begum, Histological Technician 

Service Requests & Inquiries

To request a histology service, please contact the histology lab via phone or email to discuss your request PRIOR to sample drop off.  At this time you will be provided information about the correct way to prepare your samples for optimal satisfaction of the final product.  We will then schedule an appointment for sample drop off.  Bring a slide box of sufficient size for services to be completed.

Your samples must be accompanied by the completed Service Request Form and Sample Request Form.

Please do not bring samples to the lab without an appointment.

Please also see the information on the website about sample preparation on the "Paraffination Service", Cryo Service", "Electron Microscopy", "SIM" and "Department Imaging Facility" pages. 

Histology Services

The histology lab provides services to researchers and students to process their tissues and cells for histopathological examination.

We offer paraffin, cryo, and electron microscopy techniques including processing, embedding, sectioning, staining and imaging.  We have a variety of histology staining techniques with the ability to develop special stains upon request for specific projects.  Selected immunofluorescent and immunohistochemical detection and special assays are also available upon request.Histomorphometry studies related to changes in histopathology of samples can be identified using new techniques in imaging and analysis.