Procedures for Special Circumstances

UGME students with any of the following concerns should contact Dr. Jillian Horton, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education Student Affairs, to go over specific options available to help with these issues.

Schedule an appointment by:

Phone: (204) 789-3213

Accommodation for Undergraduate Medical Students with Disabilities 

Initial Identification of Students

Student can be identified in one of four ways:

(1) The student may already be known to Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and is now entering the MD program. On acceptance to the program if he/she wishes to continue receiving accommodation they will have indicated this in the admission  package. SAS will meet with these students and confirm accommodations requested for the MD program and forward recommendation to the Advisor, Student Affairs (Advisor, SA)

(2) On acceptance to the MD program the student may indicate a need for accommodation in the admission package. These students will be contacted by Student Affairs and asked to meet with SAS.  SAS will meet with these students and forward accommodations requested for the MD program to the Advisor, SA

(3) In the course of the MD program, a student may disclose information to Student Affairs or UGME suggesting they would benefit from accommodations. These students will be directed to SAS.

(4) In the course of the MD program, a student may contact SAS directly to request accommodations

Disclosure of the Nature of the Disability

At all times, the student will be encouraged to disclose the nature of the disability to the Advisor, SA, as this will assist the Faculty in planning the educational course and aid in career counseling.  The Advisor, SA will only disclose, on an as needed basis, with the student’s permission.

  • All medical and confidential material that relates to the nature of the disability is kept on file by SAS. SAS does not release this information to the Faculty without the student's permission.
  • At the level of the Accommodations Team (AT), the nature of the student's disability will only be discussed with the student's permission.
  • Annually, the AT forwards a report to the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC), in aggregate form only, stating the types of disabilities and prevalence within UGME.

Recommendations for Accommodation (Post contact with SAS)

  • SAS generates recommendations for accommodation and forwards these to the Advisor, SA.
  • The Advisor, SA in turn presents the recommendations for accommodation to the Accommodations Team (AT) for discussion and approval.
  • The Advisor, SA can grant interim approval, on behalf of the AT, if the request involves an examination that will take place prior to the next meeting.
  • If the AT is concerned that a recommendation is beyond what can be reasonably accommodated by the Faculty, or compromises the academic integrity of the MD program, then the matter is referred to AAC for review.
  • A letter from the Associate Dean, Students will be sent to the student, outlining the approved or interim accommodations, information about booking an invigilator and other relevant information.

Timeframes - How long does it take to get approval?

An initial request for accommodations to SAS should normally be initiated a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the next examination. Requests initiated later than that cannot be guaranteed to be processed and approved in time for the upcoming scheduled examination. 

NOTE: A request initiated in a shorter time frame, that does not allow consideration and approval prior to the exam seating, will not be considered grounds for an exam deferral.

Once recommendations for accommodation are approved:

  • A letter is sent to the student confirming that the recommended accommodations will be in place, including the effective date(s).
  • A copy of the letter, along with the SAS recommendation are sent to the UGME Evaluations Office for implementation and for inclusion in the student file
  • It is the student’s responsibility to request SAS support for private/semi-private exams, no later than two weeks prior to the exam. 
  • The student must complete a "Request for Examination and test booking" online to SAS so they can arrange an invigilator for the specified exam. 
  • Exams will normally be written at the Student Services Test Centre on Bannatyne campus.
  • Each accommodated exam date/time will be confirmed by SAS once the student has booked their invigilator online using the standard exam dates outlined in OPAL or by UGME Evaluations (in cases of remediated exams, special circumstances falling outside of the general exam schedules).

Follow-up required to maintain exam accommodations - Students must:

  • Meet annually with the Director, Academic and Career Support, Student Affairs (minimum requirement)
    • It is recommended that you meet with Student Affairs Medicine after each exam to discuss any concerns you may have
  • Meet annually with Student Accessibility Services

MCC exams

Requests by MCC for confirmation of the type of exam accommodations provided to a student will responded to by the Director, Academic and Career Support, Student Affairs and should be directed to Student Affairs - Medicine.

Revised February 26, 2015