Eligibility of Student and Supervisor
Student Eligibility - The program is open to all University of Manitoba Medical Students who have completed their first year of the Medical Degree program at the University of Manitoba and on a case by case basis; other qualified medical school applicants may be considered. Students must be in and mantain a status of  'good standing' within the University and the College.

Stipendiary support will be provided for University of Manitoba students only. University of Manitoba students who receive funding from other sources are not eligible for program stipendiary support. In the case of an exception to consider an external student; students are encouraged to ascertain funding support from their host institutions before applying to avoid disappointment. The maximum stipendiary amount is $7500.00 per term (starting 2017 term) for University of Manitoba students.

Supervisor Requirements - All projects require both a primary and co-supervisor. The role of the co-supervisor is to support and mentor the student and project in the event the primary supervisor is unable to continue. BSc(Med) supervisors may supervise one 1st year BScMed student and one 2nd year BScMed student at the same time. The BSc(Med) primary supervisor must hold a minimum appointment of Assistant Professor within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba whereas the co-supervisor(s) must hold a minimum appointment of Assistant Professor with the University of Manitoba (any faculty).

Supervisor Administrative Responsibilites

  1. Submit ethics approval documents which cover the project at the start of the term. Involve the student in the Ethics Submission process as an educational component of the program but the ultimate responsibility for REB approval lies with the Primary Supervisor. Send documents electronically to Allison Birch prior to the posted deadlines located in the Timelines Document
  2. Ensure your student has completed the CORE program and forwarded the certificate to the program office prior to the start of the term.
  3. Evaluation at the end of the 1st term of the BSc.(MED) program. Program office will send request for evaluation and link to online form
  4. Evaluation at the end of the 2nd term of the BSc.(MED) program. Program office will send request for evaluation and link to online form
  5. Attend the Undergraduate Medical Research Symposium at the end of the student's term. Supervisor's must be in attendance for student support and guidance within this process. The Co-supervisor may attend in your absence (if necessary).
  6. Attend the Annual Joe Doupe Lecture Series and Celebration of the BSc.(MED) program held annually in September. This is the event whereby students are awarded based on their final report and oral presentation. Students are not advised of their awards prior to this event.
  7. Advise the Program Office  of publications your BSc.(MED) student has been credited (arising from the BSc.(Med) project)
  8. Be cognizant of the Dr. John M. Embil Publication Award for BSc.(Med) Students. Annually, a call for applications is sent.  Information regarding this award can be found HERE.




2018 Undergraduate Medical Student Research Symposium
All of the presenting BSc(Med) and MED II Summer Research Program Students