How Your Application is Evaluated
Undergraduate Medical Research:  Review Process

To ensure that trainees have an optimal experience in the BSc(Med) Program, all submitted research proposals are independently reviewed by two established investigators from the University of Manitoba, who then prepare a joint commentary to the Undergraduate Research Program’s Review Committee.  The Review Committee meets as a whole to discuss all submitted research projects.  Some projects will be accepted as submitted, others will require review and formal response to the questions raised by the reviewers, and some projects will be deemed unacceptable to proceed as BSc(Med) projects and, will be “rejected”. 

Research projects for the BSc(Med) Program  are evaluated using the following criteria:  

Scientific Merit

The overall scientific merit of the proposed project:

  • Feasibility as a student research project, over a period of two summers
  • The educational value of the research experience
  • The quality of the expected supervision and research environment

After the project evaluation process has been undertaken, the assessment will lead to one of 3 possible outcomes that are summarized as follows:

  • Accepted without need for further information or clarification
  • Neither accepted nor rejected as further information is required

Rejected (Committee will provide options such as finding a new project, new supervisor or continuing outside of the BScMed Program).

Once a project has been completely rejected the same project may not be revised and resubmitted on the same year as the review. 

If the supervisor wishes, the project can be revised and resubmitted for reconsideration by the committee for the following intake year. Students may choose to either;

  1. Proceed with the project independently with the investigator. 
  2. This project will not be considered part of the Undergraduate Research Program and the BSc(Med) degree cannot be granted for completion of the project, or…
  3. Choose an alternative project to submit by the provided deadline.  This project can be created with either the same investigator, or an alternative eligible investigator (committee approved, if applicable).