Grant Signing Process

All grant applications and associated FAAFs originating from Max Rady College of Medicine Researchers are to be submitted to the Office of the Vice-Dean Research – RFHS, using the email address:
resmedgrants@umanitoba.caThis email address has been created specifically for research-related applications. ORS has indicated they require grants 1 – 2 weeks prior to agency deadlines. Please allow my office 24 hours to process your applications, prior to the ORS deadline.  This should allow us to handle application “crunches” during popular times and to “clean up” any remaining problems. Some agencies still want paper signatures and we need to print them, collate and include within entire package.

Please submit only 2 documents for each application. One is the FAAF, in UNLOCKED format (so that it is still signable), that has already been electronically signed by the PI, all co-investigators, and the Department Head. There have been cases where the FAAF is locked and I cannot sign it, necessitating much back and forth, and taking more of each of our time. The percentage of time effort for University of Manitoba investigators needs to add up to 100% for internal crediting purposes. External co-applicants should be listed but they are assigned 0% effort on the FAAF.

In addition to the FAAF, the other single pdf is of the entire grant application which has all necessary non-electronic signatures (if any), and also must include all other pertinent documents.  These all must be combined into one PDF.  Our office receives multiple grants each day, and my staff does not have time to assemble them when they arrive in multiple files.

Once all signatures have been obtained, each department can choose who will submit the application to, whether the Department Head, or the PI, admin, etc.

Once our office checks and I electronically sign the FAAF, and, if necessary, the grant application, I will then email the application and FAAF to the Office of Research Services (ORS), which is an office under the auspices of the Vice President Research & International Office (VPRIO), with cc to the PI for his/her records.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.