Biosafety Project Approval Certificates

A. For Research conducted in University Buildings, the complete instructions on submitting your BPACertificate form(s) can be found here.

B. For all other non-university building research facilities
(e.g. St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre, NRC)

1. Complete the NEW Biosafety Project Approval Certificate Form for U of M Principal Investigators working in non-University owned buildings (available on the EHSO website). 

2. In lieu of the Biosafety Permit # please provide a letter from the Safety Officer at your institute indicating that your project has met  their requirements. The letter should include your project title, room number and building where the project will be carried out, and biosafety   containment level of the project. 

3. Mr. Steven Cole, Enviromental Health and Safety, ph: 204-789-3675 can be contacted for additional information on the appropriate alternate facility assurance document and signature.

4. Submit the Biosafety Project Approval Certificate form as a hard-copy to:     
                    Chair, Biological Safety Advisory Committee
                    c/o Steven Cole
                    Environmental Health and Safety Office
                    P310A Pathology Bldg

For further information and Biosafety Forms, please visit the EHSO website: