UGME Student Educational Exposures (Students)
Interested in education but not sure where to start? Wish you had a cool thing to work on during the year or summer?

Your participation in the constructive review and development of curricular material through Student Educational Exposures is work that can be recognized on your Dean’s Letter (MSPR). Preceptors are excited to have assistance with course development and have put forth a wide variety of projects for students. Included at the end of this page is a Google Drive link containing registration forms and an overview of the projects currently available. Please have a look and connect with preceptors to further discuss project details.
These exposures are an opportunity for medical students to explore medical education and build their CV. The exposure may take diverse forms - from reviewing and updating existing sessions to creating completely new sessions. Like clinical exposures, the project(s) should be registered and the exposure evaluated for successful completion – this will be done with the forms attached. Each completed project may be listed on your CV and Dean's Letter. The Dean’s Letter is signed by the Associate Dean (Dr. Ripstein), who countersigns each Educational Exposure.
If you are interested:
1. Please contact a preceptor as soon as possible (unless stated otherwise) to discuss the project(s), including scope, roles, timeline and other expectations. If you have an idea that has not been listed, talk it over with someone you think could supervise (e.g. a course instructor) and submit a form anyways!
2. Please fill out the registration form with your preceptor and submit it to the current Student Educational Exposures student lead (contact information and form in the Google Drive). It will be reviewed and submitted to Dr. Ripstein for final review.
3. At the end of the exposure, please fill out the post-exposure form and submit it to the student lead. Both the pre- and post-exposure forms are required for credit on your Dean’s Letter.
This will be the first-time many students will work in education. Preceptors expect that. Communicate with your preceptor about your experience and how to build skills. In addition, we have collaborated with the Office of Education and Faculty Development to host resources and webinars in an Entrada Community (access will be provided once the exposure is registered), as well as workshops to practice these skills.
We will keep you posted of new opportunities - either as new exposures come up or as training opportunities arise.
Below are some helpful links:

Please click here for forms, contacts and a list of exposures.

One-on-one advice sessions can also be booked directly with the Office of Education and Faculty Development.